Lucas Correa

Lucas Correa


Pay2ALL is the newest and most modern electronic funds transfer solution on the market, using your cell phone and the internet.

The establishment, in turn, needs to have one registered on the website Simple, fast, easy, convenient and safe!

Why is it good to pay?
Because the transaction is very fast, the holder does not need to take cash for lunch, and advantageously substitutes food cards.

And why is it good for those who sell?
Because he pays less than the administration fee, receives in the shortest time on the market, is guaranteed to receive from NTK Solutions ltda., And it is very easy to be accredited. Just have a computer and Internet access.

How it works:
With the credits previously posted to your account, the holder makes his expenses, and at the time of paying informs the merchant that he wants to pay with Pay2ALL.
The merchant must have the Pay2ALL page open, and in it must enter the amount of the expense, the system will immediately generate a code (token) for that transaction.
The bearer opens the application on his cell phone, types the code (token) and agrees with the payment.
The merchant receives confirmation immediately and the transaction is complete.
Want to know more? Call 11 3044-9988 and learn all about the newest and smartest payment method with cell phones.

Be a pioneer in the easiest and most revolutionary buying and selling instrument on the market.

Good for those who sell!


Application was a freelancer for the company NTK Solutions

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