Lucas Correa

Lucas Correa

Menino Maluquinho

  • Year:2012
  • Client:Gonow

Who doesn’t remember that curious boy who grew up crazy and became a nice guy? Ziraldo’s friendly character, characterized by his loose clothes, pot on his head and naughty air, appeared in 1980 and arrived on the cinema screen in 1994.

As is a tradition in the adventures of Maluquinho, in this story designed exclusively for the iPad, the kid plays his own: tells jokes, makes a mess with his friends, makes a case at school … But he also faces complicated situations, such as natural losses of life.

Just as the character of Menino Maluquinho has matured, the way to tell his story has gained a new version: with interactive and exclusive comics for the iPad.


Project I participated when I was at the company Gonow

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