Lucas Correa

Lucas Correa


  • Year:2016
  • Client:Ame

ICOM is an innovative service based on advanced technology, which aims to facilitate communication with people who speak different languages. How it works? When receiving a deaf client, just call the Simultaneous Translation Center to establish a video communication, with the participation of qualified and fluent interpreters in Libras. It’s like a video conference. ICOM triangulates the communication between the deaf person and the company with the remote mediation of an interpreter.

It was developed to serve people with special needs, such as deaf people, going through a call to a VoIP center and then the treatment is done using sign language. An administration web page was also developed for management, services, customers and forms. .

I went through the entire process of this project from design, analysis, development and configuring the entire infrastructure on Amazon EC2 and S3. Implemented with MySQL in the database and SQLite on the iPhone, Swift 3.0, PortSip (VoIP), Ruby on Rails and Android.

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